River and Redfin 2018

The 2018 Net vir Pret Giant Puppet Parade Barrydale in collaboration with Loko @ the Centre for Humanities Research Flagship UWC

Directed by Aja Marneweck, Giant Puppets by  Ukwanda Puppet Collective, Masks and children’s puppets by Clarisa Jonas and Herman Witbooi, Music by Gary Crawford and Peter Takelo



River and Redfin

Parade Begins Sunday 16 December at 6pm

This free public performance event promises to inspire young and old alike, bringing urgent awareness to the plight of the Redfin Fish as well as the shared connections between people and the River, celebrating life and our magical relationship to the waters that sustain it.

The annual Puppet Parade will begin on the banks of the Huis Rivier on Tinley Street, Barrydale and progress to the BF Oosthuizen Primary School on Sunday 16 December at 6pm.

For more information visit




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