The Paper Body Collective on official South African puppetry stamps

It is a great honour for us to have our own stamps as part of the official South African postage service in 2016, listed amongst our amazing South African Puppetry community leaders, Handspring Puppet Company, Janni Younge and others…Our stamp features a 20cm tall puppet character called Shepherd, a Zimbabwean refugee seeking asylum in South Arica during the Xenophobia crises of 2008.  The picture by Anthony Strack, taken from our production ‘In Medea Res’, was performed by Martin Kintu, Cindy Mkaza, Andrea Van Meygaarden, Rouxnet Brown, Roxanne Blaise and Awelani Moyo respectively.  Set design by Angela Nemov, production tech by Beren Belknap and lighting design by Stix Galloway.


In Medea Res Stamp
South African puppetry stamp of Aja Marneweck’s production ‘In Medea Res’ 2017


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